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Know About Caden Crain Daughter of Stormy Daniels and Glendon Crain

Due to the fame of her parents, adult film director and actress Stormy Daniels and her former spouse Glendon Crain, Caden Crain has garnered considerable attention. The public is intrigued by Caden’s life, intertwined with her parents’ controversial professions and journeys. This article delves into the background of Caden Crain’s renowned parents, her formative years, her financial standing, and other relevant details.

Caden Crain Early Life

early life

Born in 2011, Caden Crain is the sole child of the renowned adult film actress Stormy Daniels and her former spouse, Glendon Crain, who is also prominent in the adult entertainment industry. Their relationship faced challenges, leading to a publicized divorce filing by Glendon in 2018, marking the end of their union. Caden, the only child, currently resides in a situation shrouded in mystery, leaving it uncertain whether she lives with her mother or father. Despite her parents’ fame, they have successfully maintained a significant level of privacy regarding their children’s lives.

Caden Crain’s parents Marriage And Divorce 

Caden Crain’s parents Marriage And Divorce 

At the tender age of 5, Caden witnessed her parents, Stormy and Glendon, exchange vows on November 25, 2015. Both entrenched in the adult industry, their paths likely crossed amidst the backdrop of their shared professional endeavors. Before committing to marriage, the couple spent nearly six years navigating the complexities of a romantic relationship.

Yet, their union was far from a smooth journey. The marriage, only two years deep, took a tumultuous turn on July 11, 2018, when Glendon Crain filed for divorce, accompanied by a restraining order. Allegations of adultery and infidelity marred the divorce proceedings. Preceding the formal divorce filing, Glendon faced accusations of physical harm towards Stormy, leading to his arrest for family violence, followed by release on a $1,500 bond.

Court records reveal that the couple continued to share a residence until approximately two weeks before the official divorce filing. The media caught wind of their separation when Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, took to Twitter to announce the mutual decision to part ways, vehemently challenging the accuracy of the divorce petition. As of now, the status of their divorce remains unresolved, leaving a lingering air of uncertainty around their fractured relationship.

Caden Crain’s Mother

caden crain mother

On March 17, 1979, Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford, better known by her stage name Skye Daniels, entered the world. She earned acclaim in the adult entertainment sector, achieving recognition and induction into the XRCO, AVN, and NightMoves Halls of Fame.

Beyond her contributions to the adult industry, Daniels boasts acting credits in prominent films like “Space Nuts,” “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” and “Wanted.” However, her fame reached new heights due to a court dispute intertwined with a scandal involving former US President Donald Trump. This legal battle propelled Daniels into the public eye, shedding light on both her services to the film industry and the alleged violation of a non-disclosure agreement related to an affair. The lawsuit was initiated in 2018, marking a significant chapter in Daniels’ public narrative.

Caden Crain’s Father 

Caden Crain’s Father 

Born on August 30, 1976, in Kansas City, Kansas, Glendon Crain, also known as Brendon Miller, is an American musician and former adult film actor. His versatility in the entertainment industry is evident through notable roles in films like “Bigfoot Wars” and “Loser: The First Time.”

Since 2010, Crain has been married to Stormy Daniels, with whom he shares a child. Apart from his involvement in adult film projects, Crain is recognized for his musical talent as a skilled drummer. Actively engaged in various music ventures, he has been a member of the music group Loser since 2004, showcasing a multifaceted career in the world of entertainment.

Rise to Fame

Rise to Fame

Caden’s breakthrough moment arrived when he secured a deal with a major record label, marking a pivotal point in his career. In 2016, he released his debut single, “Fearless,” which not only soared to the top of charts but also unveiled Caden’s distinctive vocal talents to a broader audience. His raspy yet emotive voice became a standout feature.

The musical journey continued with Caden’s 2017 debut album, “The Journey,” where he showcased his prowess as a singer-songwriter. With heartfelt lyrics and melodies surpassing his years, tracks like “Brave Heart” and “Not Alone” resonated deeply with fans navigating through loss or adversity.

Embracing global stages, Caden embarked on tours over the next few years, accumulating a dedicated fanbase and refining his musical craft. In 2019, his follow-up album, “Finding My Way,” demonstrated an evolved depth of artistry with a more sophisticated sound. Achieving all this at the age of 16, Caden firmly established himself as a rising star in the music industry. His inspirational narrative of pursuing dreams has struck a chord with audiences worldwide, leaving the anticipation for what lies ahead.

Caden’s Breakout Moment on Popular TV Series

Caden's Breakout Moment on Popular TV Series

In 2023, Caden Crain secured a significant breakthrough by landing a recurring role in the popular teen sci-fi series “Afterglow.” Cast as Finn, a 16-year-old with enigmatic supernatural abilities, Caden not only showcased his acting prowess but also demonstrated impressive athletic skills, undergoing intense physical training and stunt work.

For Caden, this opportunity was a realization of a dream nurtured by watching shows like “Afterglow” during his upbringing. The experience of being part of the show was particularly special, with the cast and crew creating a supportive and familial atmosphere. According to Caden, “It really felt like being part of a family.”

Finn quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to Caden’s charm and humor infused into the character. Jenna Miles, the show’s creator, emphasized that Caden was the perfect choice for the role, praising his incredible charisma and the depth he brought to the character. The dynamic between Finn and other characters became the heart of the show.

The success of “Afterglow” catapulted Caden into stardom, presenting numerous opportunities. He embarked on promotional tours, attended Comic Cons, and engaged with fans worldwide. Additionally, Caden secured endorsement deals with prominent brands such as Nike, Disney+, and Mattel, capitalizing on his popularity, especially among Generation Z.

For Caden, the triumph of “Afterglow” and his portrayal of Finn marked the pivotal moment he had strived for throughout years of auditions, rejections, and challenges. The continued growth in viewership and acclaim for the show has set the stage for more exciting adventures, and Caden eagerly anticipates further exploring the character that initiated this transformative phase in his career.

Caden Crain’s Acting Technique and Preparation Process

Caden Crain’s Acting Technique and Preparation Process

Known for his meticulous preparation, Caden Crain takes a distinctive approach to each role, engaging in a thorough character analysis and development process.

To truly inhabit a character, Caden immerses himself in the script, reading it multiple times to grasp every nuance of the character’s backstory, motivations, personality, and journey. He goes a step further by creating detailed profiles that encompass physical traits, speech patterns, vocabulary, and habits, recognizing that a profound understanding is the key to a compelling performance.

Extensive research into the time period and context of the story is another hallmark of Caden’s process. For his standout role as a World War I soldier in “The Trenches,” he delved into firsthand accounts, studied trench warfare, and absorbed the intricacies of daily military life during that era. This exhaustive preparation allowed him to authentically convey the emotional depth and physical challenges of a soldier in the brutal conditions of WWI.

Once on set, Caden remains in character between takes, ensuring that he maintains the right mindset and energy for each scene. During breaks, he continually evaluates ways to enhance his performance, seeking authenticity in every moment. Colleagues have commended his unwavering focus and commitment to the art of acting.

Caden Crain’s commitment to understanding the human condition and the experiences of his characters results in performances marked by depth and nuance, resonating with audiences. His technique underscores the importance of thorough preparation and complete immersion in a role, showcasing essential skills for a rising star. With Caden’s storytelling passion and mastery in performance, a prosperous and enduring career lies on the horizon.

Caden’s mom wishes her daughter would avoid the adult film industry

Caden's mom wishes her daughter would avoid the adult film industry

When Caden was just 19 months old, her mom, Daniel, candidly shared her experiences as a mother in the adult entertainment industry with Daily Beast reporter Kristin Battista-Frazee. During this exclusive conversation, the topic shifted to the possibility of Caden entering the adult industry in the future.

In response, Daniel expressed her reservations, stating, “I wouldn’t encourage it. It’s not because I would have a problem with what she was doing. My concern would be the way people would treat her. 

I just don’t want that for her. It’s a lot to shoulder when you decide to be in this business. For every fan I have, there are 10 people who really think I should be dead.” This insight into Daniel’s perspective reflects her concern for her daughter’s well-being amid the challenges associated with the adult entertainment industry.

Acting Aspirations

acting aspiration

Beyond his passion for music, Caden is keen on exploring the world of acting. Blessed with charisma and a youthful charm, he seems like a natural fit for television or movies aimed at a teen and young adult audience. Caden draws inspiration from versatile stars like Donald Glover, Zendaya, and Harry Styles, who have successfully navigated between music, acting, and various creative pursuits.

To kickstart his acting journey, Caden might begin with minor roles in TV shows, commercials, or web series to gain valuable experience. From there, the possibilities are endless – he could emerge as the next big triple threat in the entertainment industry. With the unwavering support of his dedicated fan base, Caden Crain’s future aspirations and creative expressions know no bounds. The upcoming years promise to be an exhilarating adventure for this emerging star and all those who appreciate his artistic endeavors.

Net Worth

Caden Crain receives a generous allowance from her father, allowing her to live comfortably. Despite the ample financial support, her father takes measures to ensure that she doesn’t become overly indulgent with money.

In the same vein, Caden’s father, Glendon, boasts a net worth exceeding $500,000, while her mother, Daniels, possesses an impressive net worth of approximately $10 million.

Social Media Profile

Caden Crain has matured and been raised with a sense of privacy, choosing not to disclose details about her personal life. Currently, she values a more private lifestyle, which is reflected in her decision to remain inactive on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


1. Who are Caden Crain’s parents?

Caden Crain’s parents are the well-known adult film actress Stormy Daniels and Glendon Crain.

2. When was Caden Crain born?

Caden Crain was born in 2011.

3. What is known about Caden Crain’s early life?

Caden is the only child of Stormy Daniels and Glendon Crain, whose troubled marriage ended in divorce in 2018.

4. What is Stormy Daniels famous for?

Stormy Daniels is renowned for her work as an adult film actress and gained public attention due to a scandal involving former President Donald Trump.

5. What is Glendon Crain known for?

Glendon Crain, also known as Brendon Miller, is recognized as a musician and former adult film actor.

6. How did Caden Crain enter the entertainment industry?

Caden made her debut in the teen sci-fi show “Afterglow” in 2023, portraying the character Finn.

7. What are Stormy Daniels’ concerns about Caden’s future?

Stormy Daniels expressed reservations about Caden entering the adult film industry due to concerns about public treatment and the industry’s challenges.


Caden Crain’s life story unfolds amidst the backdrop of her parents’ tumultuous relationship and their prominence in the adult entertainment industry. Despite facing challenges, Caden has taken a step into the entertainment world with her debut in “Afterglow.” The article delves into her early years, her parents’ history, and her aspirations, highlighting her resilience and potential in light of a complex family background. As she navigates her journey, Caden’s choices, both in her career and personal life, are bound to capture public interest and curiosity.

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