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Meet Andrew Weissmann and His Enigmatic Wife Debra Weissman

Debra Weissmann, the wife of Andrew Weissmann, pursued a career as a dermatologist after earning her medical degree from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Her professional journey led her to Norwalk, Connecticut, where she dedicated her medical expertise to patients across various hospitals, including Yale New Haven Hospital and Greenwich Hospital. Notably, she chose to retire in the winter of 2021, as indicated on the Dermatology Physicians of Connecticut website.

Beyond her medical career, Debra is also a devoted mother to their son, Ben Weissmann. Ben has made a name for himself as a writer and producer based in Los Angeles, contributing his talents to well-known shows such as The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Simpsons. Together, the Weissmann family showcases a blend of medical expertise, creative pursuits, and familial connections.

Meet Debra Weissmann: Andrew Weissmann’s Wife 

Meet Debra Weissmann: Andrew Weissmann’s Wife 

Born on January 17, 1958, in New York, Andrew Weissmann is 65 years old and happily married to Deborah M. Weissmann. Despite cherishing their privacy, the couple has shared little about their marriage and personal lives.

Deborah M. Weissmann, a distinguished individual in her own right, graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors from Syracuse University and earned her law degree cum laude from Syracuse University Law School. Her professional journey took her across different locations like Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Tampa, Florida, where she represented individuals in various legal domains such as labor law, civil rights, family and education, and immigration law. Additionally, she served as a partner at a Syracuse, New York-based firm, specializing in civil rights law.

From 1994 to 1998, Weissmann held significant roles as Deputy Director and Executive Director at Legal Services of North Carolina. Since 1998, she has been a distinguished member of the Carolina Law Faculty, serving as the Reef C. Ivey II Distinguished Professor of Law. For a decade, she also assumed the role of Director of Clinical Programs.

Deborah’s academic interests and research areas are diverse, covering law and political economy, migration and immigration, human rights, critical legal theories, and gender violence. She is a prolific writer, contributing numerous articles, essays, and book chapters on topics such as the political economy of gender violence, language rights, immigration-related issues, and human rights. Her work has been featured in esteemed journals, including the Boston College Law Review, the William & Mary Law Review, and the Columbia Human Rights Journal. Recognizing her exceptional contributions, she was honored with the ACLU’s Frank Porter Graham Award for her impactful work in civil rights efforts.

Did Andrew Weissmann and Debra Weissmann Get Married

Did Andrew Weissmann and Debra Weissmann Get Married

The details of Andrew and Debra Weissmann’s marriage have been deliberately kept private, with the couple choosing not to share specific information about their wedding. They have maintained a discrete approach, revealing minimal details about their relationship to the public.

Although the exact date and location of their marriage remain undisclosed, some sources suggest that Andrew and Debra Weissmann have been happily married for over three decades. There are indications that New York City may have been the location of their nuptials, aligning with Andrew Weissmann’s roots and upbringing in the city.

The couple’s dedication to keeping their personal life out of the public eye has created an aura of mystery around their marriage. Fans and the public are left to respect their deliberate choice of discretion, allowing the enduring union of Andrew and Debra Weissmann to remain a private and cherished aspect of their lives.

How is Andrew Weissmann and Debra Weissmann’s Marriage Going?

How is Andrew Weissmann and Debra Weissmann’s Marriage Going?

Andrew Weissmann and Debra Weissmann share a joyful and enduring marriage, providing support for each other throughout their respective careers while nurturing their son together. Their bond extends beyond the routine, as they indulge in a shared love for travel, exploring destinations like Italy, France, and Japan.

Expressing his admiration, Andrew Weissmann has frequently lauded his wife for her intelligence, compassion, and beauty. In his book, “Where Law Ends,” he dedicated a heartfelt section to Debra, expressing, “To Debra, my wife, who is brilliant, beautiful, and kind. You are my everything.”

In reciprocation, Debra Weissmann has openly showcased her admiration and respect for her husband’s work and accomplishments. Their united front is evident as she accompanies him to various events, including the prestigious 2018 Time 100 Gala, where Andrew Weissmann was rightfully acknowledged as one of the most influential individuals globally. Together, their relationship is a testament to shared passions, mutual support, and a deep appreciation for each other’s unique qualities.

Andrew Weissmann: Legal Professional and Prosecutor 

Andrew Weissmann: Legal Professional and Prosecutor 

Andrew Weissmann’s journey began with a 1980 bachelor’s degree from Princeton, followed by a Fulbright scholarship to the University of Geneva. He earned his Juris Doctor in 1984 from Columbia Law School, serving as a clerk for Judge Eugene Nickerson. In his role as Assistant U.S. Attorney from 1991 to 2002, Weissmann fearlessly handled over 25 cases, including prosecuting Vincent Gigante. Appointed deputy director in 2002, he directed the Enron scandal task force, securing convictions for 30 individuals. Post-Mueller collaboration in 2005, Weissmann briefly joined private practice before returning to the FBI in 2011. His career highlights include leading the criminal fraud section at the Department of Justice, contributing to the Mueller investigation, and later transitioning to roles at New York University and MSNBC. In 2020, he rejoined Jenner & Block as co-chair, continuing his impactful career.

Deborah M. Weissman Bio

Deborah M. Weissman Bio

Deborah M. Weissmann has been a distinguished faculty member at Carolina Law University since 1998, marking a substantial and commendable tenure in the academic arena. During her tenure, she made significant contributions as the designated director for clinical programs, holding this pivotal role from the beginning of 2001 until July of 2010.

Her expertise traverses multiple domains within the field of law, establishing her as a versatile and respected figure in legal academia. Deborah’s instructional focus spans various areas, including human rights, political economy, gender violence, law, migration/immigration, and critical legal theories. Her commitment to these diverse subjects not only highlights her extensive knowledge but also showcases her dedication to providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities within the legal landscape.

Deborah M. Weissmann’s enduring tenure, coupled with her leadership in clinical programs and expertise in diverse legal fields, underscores her invaluable contributions to the academic community at Carolina Law University.

What Does Andrew Weissmann’s Wife Do For a Living?

What Does Andrew Weissmann’s Wife Do For a Living?

Details about Debra Weissmann’s professional endeavors have not been disclosed, and while it’s possible she may have a career or business pursuits, she appears to prioritize her role as a family-oriented person. It can be assumed that she dedicates a significant portion of her time to wifely and motherly duties. Nonetheless, she is notably recognized for being highly supportive of her husband’s career.

Andrew Weissmann, on the other hand, is a well-known figure in the legal realm, with his professional life extensively covered in the media. The American Attorney has gained prominence for his high-profile prosecutions, particularly in mafia cases. During his tenure at the Eastern District of New York (EDNY), Weissmann prosecuted over 25 cases, including members of the Colombo, Genovese, and Gambino crime organizations.

His leadership in the prosecution efforts in the Vincent Gigante case resulted in Gigante’s conviction. Before assuming his current position in the US Department of Justice, Andrew Weissmann served as George W. Bush’s deputy director from 2002 to 2005.

Born in New York City on the 17th of March 1958, Andrew Weissmann, at 65 years old, earned his bachelor’s degree in 1980 from Princeton University. Following this, he was awarded the prestigious Fulbright scholarship, enabling him to study at the University of Geneva. Weissmann furthered his education at Columbia Law School, graduating with a Juris Doctor.

Deborah Weissman Kids

Debra Weissmann and Andrew Weissmann share a profound family connection that goes beyond their legal and professional triumphs. Their union has brought forth a son, Ben Weissmann, adding a familial richness to their lives. In conclusion, Andrew Weissmann’s legal journey serves as a testament to both achievement and integrity. His commitment to the pursuit of justice not only shines through in his professional feats but also resonates in the values he cherishes within his family.

The collaboration with his wife, Deborah, and the presence of their son, Ben, contribute to a well-rounded narrative of a life marked by both professional excellence and steadfast family values. The Weissmann family’s collective achievements in the realms of law and education underscore a dedication not only to their individual success but also to the broader principles of justice and the significance of family in their lives.


1. Did Andrew and Debra Weissmann reveal details about their marriage?

The couple intentionally kept their marriage details private and chose not to disclose specific information about their wedding.

2. How many years have Andrew and Debra Weissmann been married?

Although the exact date is undisclosed, there are suggestions that the couple has happily been together for over three decades.

3. What is Debra Weissmann’s profession?

While Debra’s professional details remain private, she is recognized for being a strong supporter of her husband’s career.

4. What are Andrew Weissmann’s notable legal accomplishments?

Andrew Weissmann has had a distinguished legal career, serving as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and playing a crucial role in high-profile cases such as the prosecution of Vincent Gigante and the Enron scandal.

5. How does the Weissmann family spend their time together?

The family shares a strong bond, enjoying a mutual love for travel. They have explored various destinations worldwide, including Italy, France, and Japan.


In conclusion, Andrew Weissmann and Debra Weissmann epitomize a thriving partnership, showcasing success not just in their legal and professional pursuits but also in their unwavering commitment to family values. Together with their son Ben, the Weissmann family weaves a compelling story of professional achievement, a steadfast dedication to justice, and a deep acknowledgment of the significance of family in shaping their lives.

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