Gianni Gregorini: Everything About Barbara Bach’s Son

Savignano is the birthplace of entrepreneur Gianni Gregorini. He is better known as the son of Barbara Bach, a famous American actress and model, than as a professional. Additionally, his father is a successful local businessman.

Quick Facts

NameGianni Gregorini
Popular ForSon of Barbara Bach
Birth DateApril 1972
Birth PlaceRome, Italy
Age (As of 2023)51 years old
Height5 feet 7 inch
Hair ColorBlack
FatherAugusto Gregorini,
MotherBarbara Bach
Net Worth$ 1 million dollars

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Biography of Gianni Gregorini  

Gianni Gregorini was born in Rome, Italy, in April 1972. In April 2023, he will turn 51. His parents are Barbara Bach and Augusto, Count Gregorini di Savignano di Romagna. Named after his father. His father is an Italian entrepreneur and his mother a famous American actress and model. He openly exhibits his mixed origins and Italian identity.

The Gregorini family is Jewish and Irish through Gianni’s mother. Mama Barbara Bach had a horrible time giving delivery. After being born with his umbilical chord wrapped around his neck, Gianni was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Gianni healed successfully from surgery without difficulties. 

The 1975 divorce of his parents was terrible.

When his parents divorced, Gianni Gregorio was three or four. His father Augusto stayed in Italy while his mother Barbara moved to California to become an actress. He and his sister Francesca rotated with their parents. 

His sister was born Francesca McKnight Donatella Romana Gregorini di Savignano di Romagna.

Francisca Gregorini is a renowned filmmaker and screenwriter. On August 7, 1968, she was born. The singer Ringo Starr is Gianni’s biological stepfather. As the Beatles’ drummer, Ringo Starr became a famous musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. His band is the Who. Gianni attended his mother’s wedding to Ringo Starr.

Childhood and Early Life

Gianni Gregorini was born in Rome, Italy, in April 1972. Family gave him the name Count Gian Andrea Gregorini de Savingniano di Romagna. In the same way, he is an Italian mixed-ethnicity citizen. His parents, Barbara Bach, an actress and model, and Augusto Gregorini, a businessman, are also notable. Gregorini is an actress-named.

Francesca Gregorini, his younger brother, and Zak Starkey, his younger stepbrother, raised him simultaneously. His educational history is unknown.

Body Measurements of Gianni Gregorini

Gianni Gregorini is handsome with a typical body. Although his height is unknown, Gregorini appears to tower over his mother, who is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). He also has black eyes and hair. Gianni Gregorini has dark brown eyes. He will turn 47 in 2019.

Personal Life of Gianni Gregorini

Gianni Gregorini, 47, a businessman, may not date in 2019. Additionally, Gianni is quite discreet about his personal life. He has not revealed his dating status to the press. Similarly, there is no evidence of his romantic relationships. He prefers a low profile in all his undertakings and separates his personal and business lives. However, he may already be married and waiting to tell the media.

Gianni Gregorini  Parents

While filming Caveman, Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach met. Atouk was played by Ringo, while Lana was played by her. Although both actors were in separate relationships throughout filming, they fell for each other. The actress denies falling in love at first sight. They were more enthusiastic as they worked on tasks. A platonic friendship became a romance. After filming Caveman, Ringo invited her to his Monaco residence to celebrate their real-life romance. Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach married in a simple civil ceremony, unlike most celebrity weddings. On April 27, 1981, they married in London’s Marylebone Register Office.Ringo’s drug use made their marriage tough, even if they were happy together. In 1988, they sought addiction treatment and improved their marriage and careers. 

Gianni Gregorini is a businessman

Gianni became a great businessman since his father works. Additional information about Gianni’s professional career is scarce. But his mother, Barbara Bach, is a famous American actress and model. She was lauded for playing Bond girl Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me. In 1968’s L’Odissea, she played Nausicaa, her acting debut. She is one of the most accomplished actors. She still gave a great performance in her flicks and as an actor.

Actor Gregorini co-founded the Self Help Addiction Recovery Program and Lotus Foundation with Pattie Boyd and Ringo Starr. Gregorini and Boyd developed the program, while Starr and Gregorini founded the foundation. He also develops initiatives and donates his earnings to disabled individuals.

Social Media

He may not use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram because he enjoys living alone. No photos are uploaded to his social media accounts.

Net Worth

Rich businessman Gianni is reported to be worth $1 million. His corporate career made him wealthy. However, her acting and modeling career has earned her almost $20 million. She entered the entertainment world in the 1990s. His family is also affluent due to their great business.

Frequently Asked Question 

Q. Who is Gianni Gregorini?

Gianni Gregorini, the son of Barbara Bach and Augusto Gregorini, is a famous businessman. Barbara Bach works in fashion.

Q. Gianni Gregorini debuted where?

Gianni Gregorini was born in Rome, Italy, in April 1972.

Q. How old is Gianni Gregorini in 2023?

Gianni Gregorini turns 51 in 2023.

Q. Who is Gianni Gregorini and what is his nationality?

Although born and reared in Italy, Gianni Gregorini is racially and ethnically varied.

Q. Did Gianni Gregorini have health issues at birth?

Gianni Gregorini apparently had a tough delivery when the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. His ailment led to cerebral palsy. He improved over time and is now in terrific health.

Q. Who are Gianni Gregorini’s parents?

Gianni Gregorini’s parents are Italian businessman Augusto Gregorini and American actress and model Barbara Bach. Italian-born Gianni Gregorini.

Q. Were Gianni Gregorini’s parents married before?

Barbara Bach and Augusto Gregorini divorced in 1975, when Gianni was three or four.

Q. Gianni Gregorini’s older sister’s name and occupation are unknown.

Gianni Gregorini’s sister Francesca is a screenwriter and director. Her name is Francesca Gregorini.


Finally, Gianni Gregorini is a businessman best known as the son of Barbara Bach. He survived cerebral palsy and has strong health despite a difficult birth. When he was young, Barbara Bach and Augusto Gregorini divorced, and his sister Francesca is a screenwriter and director. Former Beatles member Ringo Starr is Gianni’s stepfather.

The public knows little about Gianni Gregorini’s personal life, including his dating status. Mixed-race Italian national.

While his professional expertise is unknown, he has a $1 million net worth and runs businesses. Through Barbara Bach’s acting and modeling career, his family’s wealth exceeds $20 million. Gianni has co-founded addiction rehabilitation and disability assistance initiatives through charity.

As a public person, Gianni Gregorini is intriguing due to his entertainment industry ties, family riches, and privacy.

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