Tonya Hartwell

Tonya Hartwell: Unveiling Her Life, Family, Career, Height, Net Worth, and Beyond

Tonya Hartwell is quite a well-known figure in the United States, especially due to her connection with Edgerton Hartwell, a pro American football linebacker. Their adorable daughter, Sevynn Elíse Hartwell, entered the world in 2018, bringing a lot of joy.

In addition to Sevynn, Tonya has a daughter named Cylah from a previous marriage, while Edgerton has two other children: Ella Grace Hartwell, his daughter, and Edgerton Hartwell Jr., his son. Before his relationship with Tonya, Edgerton was previously married to Lisa Wu from 2006 to 2011 and Keshia Knight Pulliam from 2016 to 2018. Their family tree’s pretty extensive!

Quick Facts

NameTonya Hartwell
Nick NameTonya
Date of BirthApril 22
RelationshipMarried to Edgerton Hartwell
Weight56 kgs
Height5 feet 7 inches
Zodiac SignUnknown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlack
HusbandEdgerton Hartwell
Keshia Knight Pulliam
DaughterFirst Marriage: Cylah
Second Marriage: Edgerton Hartwell, Jr, Ella Grace Hartwell
Famous ForWife of Edgerton Hartwell

Tonya Hartwell Education

Right from the start, Tonya Hartwell was a star in academics, keeping up an impressive record all along. She dove into high school at just 16.

After cruising through high school, Tonya set her sights on a bachelor’s degree. She hustled at a public college in the US, pouring herself into her studies. Though the specifics of her major are a mystery, her dedication to learning shines through.

Tonya’s commitment and smarts paved the way for her to grab that bachelor’s degree, marking a huge achievement fueled by her relentless hard work.

Tonya Hartwell Family

Tonya grew up in a Christian household alongside her sister Joey. Oddly enough, we’re still in the dark about her parents’ names. But hey, if we uncover anything new about her family, count on us to fill you in.

Knowing someone’s roots and what makes them who they are is always fascinating. We’re searching for additional information regarding Tonya’s family. You can get the most recent information right here as soon as we have the inside word.


After wrapping up her education, Tonya dived headfirst into the professional world. She sharpened her skills working for a private company, soaking in all that valuable experience. But soon enough, she decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

Driven by her love for fashion, Tonya opened a clothing store that quickly became a hit. Her spot became the go-to for anyone keen on trendy, stylish wear. And when success smiled, she expanded her horizons with a gift boutique. That place had just the right something for every birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, becoming a spot folks relied on for heartfelt gifts.

But Tonya didn’t stop there. Nope, her entrepreneurial bug led her to open a jewelry store, and boy, did she have an eye for elegance. From delicate necklaces to stunning earrings, her shop sparkled with choices for personal adornment or for surprising loved ones with gorgeous accessories.

With grit, hard work, and a true passion for her craft, Tonya spun multiple successful businesses in fashion, gifting, and jewelry. Her journey stands tall, a beacon for others dreaming of turning their passions into thriving ventures.

Tonya Hartwell Height & Weight

Tonya Hartwell is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and keeps her weight in a healthy range, around 66 kilograms.

Edgerton And Tonya Hartwell Relationship

Tonya and Edgerton Hartwell have been living their best married life since they tied the knot in February. Their joy skyrocketed when their little bundle of joy, Sevynn Elíse, came into the world. And oh, her first birthday bash? It was pure magic.

Apart from their newborn, Edgerton’s also a dad to Ella Grace from a previous relationship, born in January 2017. Now, he’s looking to adjust his $3,000 child support, considering his ex-wife’s solid TV career. He thinks a smaller support payment makes sense, given her earnings.

It’s a tangled situation, showing how tricky things can get in blended families and with child support. Edgerton believes his ex’s income can cover their kid without needing a big chunk from him. But hey, the court’s got the final say after digging into all the details to decide what’s best for the child.

Tonya Hartwell Children

Word was buzzing that the famous football player and Tonya were an item from 2013 to 2014. But their love story didn’t stop there; they kept going strong. Then, in 2015, Tonya went all out on Instagram, announcing the big news: they were getting hitched. It was pure happiness all around.

Fast forward three years into marriage, and Tonya and Ed Hartwell welcomed their adorable daughter, Sevynn Elise Hartwell. But here’s what makes their family tale even more intriguing: they both had kids from previous relationships before they came together. Ed had two, and Tonya had one. And let me tell you, Tonya’s love and care for Ed’s other kids? It’s been quite a standout.

Their relationship and family story? Well, it’s like a beautiful painting showing their journey from dating to marriage and the whole family growing. Even with their unique situation, Tonya’s taken on her role as a mom to Ed’s kids with all her heart, making sure their blended family’s filled with love and support.

Tonya Hartwell Net Worth

Tonya’s fans are eager to peek into her financial world, but she’s kept it pretty hush-hush. According to the grapevine, her net worth might hover around $500,000, give or take. But hey, that’s just a ballpark figure from what folks have gathered, so it might not be the full picture.

She’s quite the entrepreneur, running successful businesses like her jewelry line, gift shop, and fashion boutique. Those ventures likely play a big role in keeping her financially steady and stacking up some cash.

Tonya’s playing it close to the chest when it comes to her money matters, and that’s totally her call. While we’re curious, respecting her privacy about her finances is key. Everyone’s got their own take on sharing this stuff, right?

Final Words

Tonya Hartwell’s quite a name in the US, mostly known for her connection with Edgerton Hartwell, the football pro. They’ve got little Sevynn Elíse together, born in 2018, and both bring kids from previous relationships into their blend. But beyond the personal scene, Tonya’s a go-getter. She’s running her own clothing spot, a gift shop, and a jewelry store. And let me tell you, she’s put in the hard yards to make them a success.

Her estimated net worth sits around $500,000, but Tonya’s all about keeping her financial stuff on the down-low. Her businesses have really fueled that number, though. What’s impressive is how she manages to balance her career and still create this loving, supportive vibe for her blended family.

The journey of Tonya and Edgerton, from courtship to marriage and family growth, it’s really a heartwarming story of love and commitment. Sure, family dynamics can get complex, but Tonya’s stepped up as a mom to Ed’s kids with her whole heart.

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