Who is Katharine Paige Haffenreffer? A Brief Overview

Lara Spencer’s daughter, Katharine Paige Haffenreffer, introduced her to the public as an American celebrity child. Her mother, Lara, co-anchors ABC’s Good Morning America.

The lady’s mother is an executive producer and host of the HGTV reality show Flea Market Flip, as well as an ABC co-anchor and New York Times bestselling author of I Brake for Yard Sales and Flea Market Fabulous. The show titled Flea Market Flip.

Quick Facts 

Full NameKatharine Paige Haffenreffer
Birth Date2004
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameDavid Haffenreffer
Father ProfessionReal estate Broker
Mother NameLara Spencer
Mother ProfessionAmerican TV Personality
SiblingsDuff Haffenreffer

Katharine Paige Haffenreffer Biography

Katharine Paige Haffenreffer was born on October 4, 2004, making her 19 in 2023. This day in 2002, Duff was born.

August was a great month for Duff and Katharine Haffenreffer as children. Her grandparents are Carolyn and Richard Von Seelen. She’s attending a nearby secondary school to improve her education.

Does Katharine Paige Haffenreffer Love Someone?

Being a renowned child, Katharine Paige will likely be single in 2021. She doesn’t date and keeps her personal life private. Katharine is too young to have a serious romantic relationship. She has enjoyed growing up with her siblings and is satisfied with her current situation.

Katharine may soon be in a committed relationship. She will meet her dream guy in a few years if all goes well.

Katharine rarely posts about her personal life on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is mostly true. She occasionally appears in her famous mother’s Instagram posts.

Katharine Paige Haffenreffer Parents Marital Life

Katharine Spencer says her mother, Lara Spencer, married twice. Longtime life and professional companion David Haffenreffer was her first marriage. David, the ex-husband, brokers real estate in the US.

The couple exchanged vows on September 30, 2000. Their loved ones—parents, siblings, cousins, and friends—surrounded them for their wedding. The couple had two children after marrying. Katharine Paige and Duff Haffenreffer are their children.

Despite this, they wedded briefly. Last June 18, the couple filed for divorce. They ended their relationship without explanation. Because of this, they divorced and moved apart.

Lara married Richard McVey after David left. Her husband works in business. On August 8, 2018, the pair married in holy matrimony. Vail, Colorado hosted their wedding. They recently married and seem pleased. The couple has not announced a divorce or separation.

Her parents got divorced

Katherine’s parents, David and Lara, divorced on July 18, 2015. After over 15 years together, they failed to establish a lifetime relationship. They concluded that maintaining their relationship would only deepen their misunderstandings.

Her mother is worth $6 million.

Katherine’s mother, Lara, is one of many accomplished journalists in town. She is believed to be worth $6 million in 2016. Lara made most of her money from NBC, Boardwalk Hall, and endorsements.

Katharine Paige Haffenreffer Gross Value

Despite being too young to work, Katharine Paige Haffenrefferis enjoys life. In February 2023, TV star Lara Spencer was worth $20 million. She earns $3 million annually. ABC News co-anchor Diane Macedo is worth $800,000.

Lara is thrilled about her job’s financial benefits. Journalists, actors, writers, TV producers, and screenwriters are her main sources of income. She’s established a reputation.

Born October 4, 2004, Katharine Paige Haffenreffer will turn 19 in 2023. On this day in 2002, Duff was born.

Duff and Katharine Haffenreffer had a great childhood. Richard and Carolyn Von Seelen are her paternal grandparents. She can attend a local secondary school to strengthen her credentials.

Katharine Paige Haffenreffer Net Worth

However, Katharine Paige Haffenrefferis is living life to the fullest despite being too young to work. Her mother, TV star Lara Spencer, has a $20 million net worth as of September 2023. She also earns $3 million annually. ABC News co-anchor Diane Macedo is worth $800,000.

Lara is thrilled with her job’s financial benefits. Her main source of income is as a journalist, actress, novelist, screenwriter, and TV producer. Due to this, she has a reputation.

FAQs about Katharine Paige Haffenreffer:

Q. Who is Katharine Paige Haffenreffer’s mother?

Katherine Paige Haffenreffer’s mother is Lara Spencer. Lara Spencer co-anchors Good Morning America, executive produces, hosts HGTV’s Flea Market Flip, and wrote a New York Times bestseller. Katharine Paige Haffenreffer writes.

Q. Has Katharine Paige Haffenreffer a significant other?

Katharine Paige is likely single in 2021 and does not reveal her personal life. Since she’s young, her romantic status is unknown.

Q. Lara Spencer and David Haffenreffer’s marriages and children: what is Katharine’s family tree?

Lara Spencer married twice. David Haffenreffer, her first husband, was a realtor. They divorced in 2015. Lara married Richard McVey in 2018, and they’re still together.

Q. The bank balance of Lara Spencer is how much?

As of 2016, Lara Spencer’s estimated net worth is $6 million. Journalism, acting, writing, screenplays, and TV production are her main sources of revenue.

Q. Katharine Paige Haffenreffer’s bank balance?

Katharine’s mother, Lara Spencer, has a $20 million net worth as of September 2023.


Katharine Paige Haffenreffer was born Oct. 4, 2004. She is the daughter of famous TV host and journalist Lara Spencer. Katharine Paige Haffenreffer is her mother. She is known for keeping her personal life discreet, thus she may not be dating anyone in 2021. Katharine looks forward to a bright future and cherishes her upbringing with her siblings. Her mother, Lara Spencer, divorced David Haffenreffer in 2015. Lara’s journalistic and television career earned her $20 million. Despite her fame, Katharine Paige is focusing on her studies and upbringing.

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