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Who is Jennifer Hermoso’s partner? Everything You Need To Know 

Jenni Hermoso Partner
Alexia Putellas 

Born on May 9, 1990, as Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes, Jenni Hermoso is a renowned Spanish professional footballer. She currently showcases her talent as a forward for the Liga MX Femenil Club CF Pachuca and proudly represents the Spain women’s national team. Jenni Hermoso hails from Madrid, Spain.

About Jenni Hermoso Partner 

Alexia Putellas, a skilled Spanish football midfielder, is a notable player for FC Barcelona Femina and the Spain women’s national team. Born on February 4, 1994, in Mollet del Vallès, Spain, she has earned multiple Ballon d’Or awards for her exceptional talent.

Notably, Alexia Putellas shares a close and enduring friendship with Jennifer Hermoso. Their camaraderie extended to playing together for FC Barcelona Femina for over five years, sparking speculation about a romantic connection. Despite the rumors, both Jenni and Alexia have chosen to keep their personal lives private, neither confirming nor denying any romantic involvement.

While the public has speculated about their relationship, the duo remains supportive allies of the LGBTQ+ community. Their joint participation in events such as the LGBT+ Pride March in Madrid and a vacation in Ibiza in 2019 further fueled rumors. A photograph of them adorned with a flower necklace in the colors of the Pride flag added to the speculation. However, the nature of their relationship remains unconfirmed, as they continue to prioritize privacy regarding their personal lives.

Who is Jennifer Hermoso?

Jennifer Hermoso is a highly distinguished Spanish professional footballer, celebrated for her remarkable contributions to both club and country. Currently representing the Liga MX Femenil club CF Pachuca and serving as a key player for the Spain women’s national team, Hermoso has etched her name in history as the all-time leading scorer for two prestigious teams: Barcelona and the Spain women’s national team. This accomplishment speaks volumes about her extraordinary skill and goal-scoring prowess.

Her excellence on the football field extends beyond club competitions to international stages. Jennifer played a pivotal role in Spain’s triumph at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, showcasing her outstanding performance that earned her the coveted Silver Ball award. This recognition stands as a testament to her exceptional talent and the significant contribution she made to her team’s success during the tournament.

With an impressive track record and unwavering dedication to the sport, Jennifer Hermoso has rightfully earned her status as a prominent figure in the realm of women’s football. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and football enthusiasts alike, solidifying her legacy as one of the leading figures in the sport.

Is Jennifer Hermoso Married?

Jennifer Hermoso is not currently married, and there have been no official reports or confirmations regarding her engagement or marriage to anyone. Furthermore, there is no available information suggesting her involvement in any prior relationships. Based on the existing details, Jennifer Hermoso’s current marital status is single, and she has intentionally maintained a level of privacy concerning her personal life, including matters of romance.

Her commitment to her soccer career and her preference for keeping her personal life away from the public eye contribute to the limited public knowledge about her romantic status. Despite past speculations and rumors, Jennifer Hermoso has opted not to disclose her relationship status publicly. Instead, she continues to channel her focus into her professional accomplishments on the soccer field.

Craving privacy as an openly gay athlete

Jennifer Hermoso has consistently chosen to keep her private life away from the public eye, a decision that aligns with her desire for privacy. As an openly lesbian player, her choice to shield her personal affairs from intense media scrutiny is understandable. The process of coming out remains a significant challenge for gay professional athletes, particularly women, and the football culture often still harbors machismo attitudes that can discriminate against the global LGBTQ+ community.

For pioneers like Hermoso, prioritizing her performances for Barcelona and the Spanish national team takes precedence. Whether she decides to share details about her dating life publicly should remain Hermoso’s personal choice. She deserves the agency to disclose such information on her own terms, free from unnecessary scrutiny or pressure.

Hermosos incredible career legacy

While Jennifer Hermoso’s personal life remains private, her undeniable legacy on the pitch is indisputable. With a remarkable goal tally for Barcelona and Spain, she stands as one of the greatest strikers in women’s football. Her consistent success with FC Barcelona Femení reflects her status as a serial trophy winner at the club level.

As the 2023 World Cup approaches, Hermoso is set to lead Spain’s quest for international glory. Although there are indications of a romantic connection with longtime teammate Alexia Putellas, her personal life remains rightfully undisclosed. It is crucial for fans and media alike to respect Hermoso’s privacy choices and admire her as a Spanish football icon shining brightly at the peak of her career.

Embracing the Mystery

Jennifer Hermoso’s journey from being an Atlético prodigy to a global football sensation is a tale of triumphs, challenges, and a captivating personal life. When discussing topics like her boyfriend and sexual orientation, it is crucial to honor Jennifer Hermoso’s decision to keep her private life confidential.

The focal point should remain on recognizing her exceptional skills, her advocacy efforts, and the sheer delight she brings to the game. Supporters and admirers alike should approach the mystery surrounding her personal life with the utmost respect for her boundaries.

This holistic appreciation ensures that Hermoso’s legacy is shaped by her activism, resilience, and the inspiration she imparts to football fans worldwide, complementing her on-field achievements.

Jennifer Hermoso Part in FIFA Women World Cup 2023

Jennifer Hermoso played a pivotal role in Spain’s remarkable journey during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup hosted in Australia and New Zealand. In a standout performance against Zambia, she showcased her exceptional goal-scoring skills, netting two crucial goals. This achievement went beyond its impact on the game, representing a historic milestone in her illustrious career.

During the match against Zambia, Jennifer Hermoso achieved her 100th cap for the national team and scored her 50th international goal—a remarkable feat highlighting her indispensable role in the Spanish squad. Spain’s journey in the tournament culminated in a historic victory as they reached the World Cup final, securing the title for the first time in their history by defeating England.

Jennifer Hermoso’s outstanding performances garnered recognition, and she finished second in the voting for the player of the tournament, with teammate Aitana Bonmatí receiving the honor. Her stellar contributions rightfully earned her the Silver Ball, a well-deserved acknowledgment of her exceptional skills on the pitch.

However, the euphoria of the World Cup final was dampened by a controversial incident during the medal presentation. Jennifer Hermoso found herself at the center of attention when Luis Rubiales, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), kissed her on the lips—a gesture she publicly stated she had not welcomed.

This incident sparked widespread condemnation, including from Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. Jennifer Hermoso’s firm stance against the unwelcome kiss, supported by the Spanish football players’ union and FIFPRO, the global players’ union, ignited a significant debate and calls for measures to protect players from unwanted actions. In both her team’s success and addressing this issue, Jennifer Hermoso demonstrated not only her prowess on the field but also her leadership and influence in the world of women’s football.

FAQs about Jennifer Hermoso:

1. Who is Jennifer Hermoso’s partner?

Rumors suggest that Jennifer Hermoso’s partner is Alexia Putellas, a skilled Spanish football midfielder.

2. Is Jennifer Hermoso married?

No, Jennifer Hermoso is currently not married, and there are no official reports or confirmations regarding her engagement or marriage.

3. Why does Jennifer Hermoso keep her personal life private?

As an openly lesbian player, Jennifer Hermoso chooses to keep her personal affairs private due to the challenges faced by gay professional athletes and the discriminatory attitudes prevalent in football culture.

4. What achievements has Jennifer Hermoso earned in football?

Jennifer Hermoso is celebrated as the all-time top scorer for both Barcelona and the Spain women’s national team. Her significant contribution played a crucial role in Spain’s triumph at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, earning her the Silver Ball for outstanding performance.

5. How did Jennifer Hermoso respond to the controversial incident during the World Cup medal presentation?

Jennifer Hermoso publicly stated that she did not welcome the kiss from Luis Rubiales, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). Her stance against the unwelcome kiss sparked a significant debate and led to calls for measures to protect players from unwanted actions.


In conclusion, Jennifer Hermoso’s football journey, evolving from an Atlético prodigy to a global icon, unfolds as a tale of triumphs and a fascinating personal life. Commencing with Atlético Madrid, she honed her skills, clinching her first league title in 2011. Venturing to Sweden with Tyresö FF and subsequent spells with top clubs like FC Barcelona showcased her adaptability and goal-scoring prowess.

Guiding Spain to a historic World Cup triumph in 2023, Hermoso’s captaincy earned her the prestigious Silver Ball. Beyond the field, Jennifer Hermoso’s partnership and friendship with Alexia Putellas fueled speculation, highlighting the robust bonds among female athletes in women’s football. While addressing rumors surrounding her sexual orientation, Hermoso maintains her privacy, underlining her right to do so.

Championing gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights, her legacy surpasses mere speculation. Fans are encouraged to focus on celebrating her remarkable talent, activism, and contributions to the sport, embracing the mystery surrounding her personal life with genuine respect for her boundaries. In essence, Jennifer Hermoso stands not only as a football icon but as a symbol of empowerment and inspiration.

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