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IS Teddy Swims Married? Know About Teddy Swims Wife

Teddy Swims, the rising star known for his soulful music, has captured the hearts of many with his unique blend of R&B and pop. As of now, Teddy isn’t married, but there have been reports suggesting he was previously hitched to his sweetheart, Nelly. Unfortunately, their love story hit a roadblock, and they parted ways back in 2016.

In 2020, Teddy melted hearts by sharing a sweet slideshow of moments with his wife on Valentine’s Day, showcasing their deep love and happiness. However, life is full of surprises, and Teddy hasn’t provided any updates on his relationship status since then. It’s left fans wondering whether he’s still with Nelly or not.

Fast forward to 2024, and Teddy’s heart has found a new beat with Cassidie Cottone, a talented singer and artist known for her vibrant presence on Instagram. Cassidie often treats her followers to glimpses of their romance, sharing adorable snapshots and updates about their journey together on social media.

Who Is Teddy Swims Wife? 

Who Is Teddy Swims Wife? 

Teddy Swims, the multifaceted talent, prefers to keep his personal life away from the public eye. Despite his soaring music career, he’s always maintained a tight lid on his romantic relationships, expressing his desire for privacy.

In 2016, Teddy caused a Twitter frenzy when he revealed that his wife had left him. This sparked intense speculation among fans and media outlets eager to uncover the truth about his marital status. Despite confirming his married status through subsequent tweets, Teddy remained tight-lipped about his ex-wife and the details of their relationship. Only a select few close to him seemed to hold the key to their story – like anecdotes about their first meeting, the duration of their courtship, and their wedding day.

Since then, Teddy has made a concerted effort to keep his personal life discreet, leaving fans to speculate about his current relationship status. Nonetheless, one thing remains certain – with his soul-stirring music and captivating performances, Teddy Swims continues to shine as a rising star. We eagerly anticipate what he’ll bring to the table next.

Teddy And Nelly’s Relationship

Teddy And Nelly’s Relationship

Many fans are curious about whether Teddy Swims will become a parent someday, especially after a post from his ex-wife, Nelly, seemed to hint at the possibility. In January 2020, Nelly’s post sparked speculation about a potential pregnancy, as she discussed their rekindled romance.

While the reasons behind Nelly’s separation from Teddy in 2016 remain unknown, the couple has since patched things up and reunited. Nelly also mentioned that she had regained custody of her child and that she and Teddy had recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary.

Questions about Teddy’s relationship with Nelly intensified following a 2016 tweet that suggested Nelly was his wife. However, Teddy’s social media activity after 2020 hasn’t definitively confirmed whether they’re still together. Despite the uncertainty surrounding their relationship status, we hope that both Teddy and Nelly find happiness and fulfillment, regardless of whether their paths remain intertwined.

Teddy Swims’ Children From His Previous Marriage

Teddy Swims' Children from His Previous Marriage

Nelly sparked rumors of a potential pregnancy in January 2020 when she discussed their rekindled romance, leaving many fans guessing about a possible baby on the way.

While the reasons behind Nelly’s departure from Teddy in 2016 remain unknown, the couple has since reconciled and reignited their love. Additionally, Nelly shared that she regained custody of her son and commemorated their 10th wedding anniversary.

Early life Of Teddy Swims

Early life Of Teddy Swims

Teddy Swims, whose real name is Jaten Dimsdale, is an American singer-songwriter known for his unique blend of pop, country, R&B, and soul music.

His journey to fame began with cover performances on YouTube, which garnered an impressive 400 million views by 2022. Following this online success, Swims released his debut single under a major label in January 2020, followed by three EPs titled Unlearning, Tough Love, and Sleep is Exhausting.

Raised in Conyers, Georgia, Swims was introduced to soul music at an early age by his father, who shared his love for artists like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Al Green.

Despite his family’s passion for football, Swims discovered his love for performing during his high school years at Salem High School in Conyers. Encouraged by a teacher, he ventured into musical theatre, participating in various productions and Shakespearean plays.

To refine his vocal skills, Swims began learning to play instruments such as the piano and ukulele, and he also turned to YouTube for inspiration, studying recordings of renowned vocalists.

Body Measurements Of Teddy Swims

Body Measurements Of Teddy Swims

Teddy Swims, the gifted singer-songwriter, likes to keep some aspects of his personal life under wraps, including his physical measurements. However, for those who are curious, Teddy stands at a modest height of 1.67 meters, which is roughly equivalent to 5 feet and 6 inches. He weighs approximately 154 pounds or 70 kilograms.

Aside from his height and weight, Teddy is recognized for his distinctive appearance. He rocks a stylish beard that adds to his allure, complementing his captivating eyes and dark brown hair. These features, combined with his undeniable talent, contribute to Teddy’s charismatic and captivating presence both on and off the stage.

Teddy Swims Family

Glenn Robel’s mother is well-known, but his father’s name is Fred Robel. Unfortunately, there is no available information about his siblings.

As for Teddy Swims, his parents named him Jaten Dimsdale. However, when he decided to pursue a career in music, he chose to perform under the stage name Teddy Swims.

The name “Swims” holds significant meaning for the singer. It represents his journey to bring together the different aspects of himself, which he felt was necessary. Additionally, Teddy’s band shares the same name, symbolizing unity and cohesion.

Teddy Swims is renowned for his close-knit relationships with his family members, reflecting the importance of family bonds in his life.

Professional Career Of Teddy Swims

Professional Career Of Teddy Swims

Swims embarked on his musical journey by being part of several bands in the Atlanta area, including WildHeart, an alternative rock band, Eris, a post-hardcore group, and various soul and hair metal cover bands.

In early 2019, Swims received a request from his friend Addy Maxwell to rap over some beats, which led to them opening for Tyler Carter on his U.S. tour. It was during this tour that Swims adopted the stage name Teddy Swims, derived from online slang meaning “someone who isn’t me sometimes.” This name also harks back to a childhood alias he used to poke fun at his height.

Net Worth Of Teddy Swims

Profesional Career Of Teddy Swims

Teddy Swims has made a mark in the music industry with his rendition of Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One,” which is available on all streaming platforms and can be purchased from digital stores.

Apart from his musical pursuits, Teddy is also actively involved in events at the Royal Albert Hall, showcasing his talent not only as a singer but also as a skilled pianist.

In addition to his music career, Teddy runs a clothing company that offers a range of items including T-shirts and hoodies. With his various ventures, Teddy has amassed a net worth estimated to be around $2.5 million.


In conclusion, Teddy Swims emerges as a multifaceted artist, showcasing his talent not only through his soulful music but also through his entrepreneurial ventures and active participation in prestigious events like those at the Royal Albert Hall. Despite the ups and downs of his journey, Teddy’s dedication and passion for his craft have propelled him to success, earning him recognition and a loyal fan base worldwide. As he continues to evolve as an artist and entrepreneur, Teddy Swims remains a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating what he will bring to the stage next.

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