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Norma Gibson: Unveiling the Life, Journey, and Insights of Tyrese Gibson’s Former Wife

You know, Norma Gibson gained quite a bit of fame as the first wife of the beloved actor, singer, and songwriter we all admire, Tyrese Gibson. Tyrese has really made a mark in the entertainment world, achieving some incredible things. In addition to his prosperous career as an R&B singer, he has made a significant effect in acting, particularly with his portrayal as Roman Pearce in the “Fast and Furious” films. Isn’t that quite something?

Early Life, Biography, And Date Of Birth Of Norma Gibson

Let’s dive into Norma Gibson’s background a bit. Norma Mitchell came into this world in 1981 in London, United Kingdom, so she’s got that British citizenship in her corner. Here’s something fascinating—her mom comes from Israel, giving her this really neat blend of cultural roots. She’s quite the mixed-race lady, with a pretty cool international background.


NameNorma Gibson
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1981
BirthplaceLondon, England
Age42 years old
Birth SignPisces
NationalityAmerican, Israeli
Net Worth$20,000 – $50,000 (approx)


In terms of Norma Gibson’s career, there hasn’t been much noise. Her connection with Tyrese Gibson, the famous American actor and singer, really brought her into the spotlight.

There’s this interesting bit from 2018 that got people talking. It turned out Norma Gibson wasn’t keen on getting a job, despite a court order for child support from her ex-husband. Basically, there was a call for her to join the workforce for the sake of their child. But surprisingly, she wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. Apparently, her lawyers presented documents in court, arguing that the seven hours she spent taking care of their daughter was like a full-on busy life. It was definitely an unexpected turn, right?

Norma Gibson’s Age, Height, And Weight

Currently, Norma Gibson is 42 years old, and her life has been a journey filled with experiences and stories. Looking at her physical attributes, she stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and carries a weight of around 117 pounds. When you take a closer look at her appearance, you can’t help but notice that she possesses not only a captivating allure but also an elegant grace that meets the highest standards of beauty.

She has an enigmatic presence that could easily suit a model’s profile. Norma’s face exudes a magnetic charm, with her facial features coming together to create an aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression. From her captivating eyebrows to the depths of her eyes, her appearance is adorned with captivating elements.

Norma’s dark curly hair tells a story of its own, with each curl seeming to symbolize resilience and vibrancy. The rich hue of her hair complements her brown eyes, which hold a depth that mirrors her life experiences.

But it’s not just her external attributes that define her. Norma’s dedication to fitness and well-being is evident in the contours of her figure, reflecting her commitment and hard work. Her physique serves as a testament to the art of self-care, drawing admiration and appreciation from those who see it.

It’s important to note that Norma Gibson’s journey has been closely linked to the world of Hollywood, as she was once the spouse of an actor. The chapters of her life have seen her navigating the highs and lows of a marriage in the public eye, adding to the richness of her life experiences.

In essence, Norma Gibson’s existence is a fusion of not just years but also stories, with every aspect of her being contributing to the masterpiece that is her life.

Norma Gibson Personal Life

Actor Tyrese Gibson and Norma Gibson got married back in 2007, around the time when Norma discovered she was expecting. Tyrese, famous for his acting and music, became Norma’s first husband. You know him from those awesome “Fast & Furious” movies. Their union got a lot of attention, especially because of Tyrese’s fame, and they welcomed their daughter, Shayla Gibson.

But things got tough behind the scenes, and it stayed pretty private until their divorce started in 2009. Norma opened up in 2015 about the struggles they faced during their custody battle and some rough times during their marriage.

Their messy divorce became big news, making headlines all over. They fought it out in court for custody of their daughter. At first, the court gave temporary custody to Shayla’s mom, which worried Tyrese a lot. There were even reports that he had hired someone to keep an eye on his ex-wife and their kid.

Norma made some serious accusations, saying Tyrese was physically abusive during her pregnancy and that he had hurt their daughter too. Tyrese admitted to one incident but strongly denied the rest of what Norma said.

As part of the custody deal, Tyrese had to stay 100 yards away from both his ex-wife and their daughter.

Then, in 2017 during all the legal stuff, Tyrese said in an interview that he had married Norma mostly so she could stay in the country, not because they were happy together. He explained it was because they were having a baby and wanted to be near their child since Norma was from London.

It’s a pretty complicated story, with marriage, fame, court battles, and some pretty personal stuff all tangled up together.

When Did Tyrese And Norma Gibson First Meet?

Back in 2002, Norma was knee-deep in her studies in London when she crossed paths with Tyrese, and that changed everything. What she was studying remains a secret, though. Their romance started brewing, and soon they were dating, setting the stage for some big life decisions. Not long after they met, Norma took a huge leap and moved from London to bustling Los Angeles with Tyrese. That move kickstarted a chapter where they built their relationship away from the spotlight.

Their love grew stronger, leading them to tie the knot in a private ceremony in 2007, right after their daughter, Shayla Gibson, came into the world. However, as time went on, they encountered some difficult circumstances that clouded their once-beautiful love tale.

When things reached a breaking point in 2009, they both made the decision to split up.

Their relationship has been a true rollercoaster, beginning with a chance encounter, creating a tapestry of emotions, and ending with their bond falling apart.

Norma Gibson Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight53 kg
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
Hair TypeCurly
Body Measurements35 – 29 – 36

The Complete Norma Gibson, Ex-Wife Of Tyrese Gibson

Norma Mitchell’s marriage to Tyrese Gibson threw her right into the whirlwind of celebrity life. It was actually her second marriage to Tyrese, following a tough divorce earlier on.

With Tyrese being in the limelight, Norma became known as his wife. Their story became this public fascination as folks tried to figure out what their relationship was all about.

But her second marriage didn’t start off smooth. Her first one was rocky, ending because of a lot of tough stuff—abuse, fights, and harassment. Going through all that made her decide to call it quits. For Tyrese, it was like starting a fresh chapter.

Their relationship hit bumps that reminded Norma of the past. Even though they hoped and worked hard, their second marriage couldn’t handle all the history and baggage they brought into it. The weight of what they’d been through before put a lot of strain on their relationship.

Norma and Tyrese said their vows in 2007 and had their daughter, Shayla Gibson. Her birth was like a symbol of new beginnings, but it didn’t stop the cracks from showing up in their relationship. A few months after she was born, things started falling apart between Norma and Tyrese.

The tough decision to split marked the end of a chapter where they once shared dreams and hopes. The story of Norma Mitchell and Tyrese Gibson really shows how relationships can be this intricate mix of highs and lows, struggles, and how the choices we make can deeply affect lives that are tightly intertwined.

Shayla Somer Gibson, Tyrese Gibson’s Daughter, Is In Her Father’s Custody

Tyrese Gibson and Norma Gibson’s 2014 divorce turned into this tough battle over their daughter, Shayla Gibson. Their relationship after the split got really complicated, especially when it came to taking care of their girl.

The media kept a close eye on Tyrese and Norma’s fight for Shayla’s custody. It’s been a tough situation for their daughter, caught right in the middle of her parents’ struggles. Everyone’s been curious about who gets to look after her, but it’s the courts that have the final say.

The legal stuff in this case is a mix of feelings and rules. Tyrese wasn’t happy with the custody decision that gave Norma full custody back in 2014. He felt it wasn’t fair, especially when Norma didn’t seem to follow all the rules the court set about taking care of Shayla.

Recently, Norma went on a trip abroad, leaving their 11-year-old daughter with a trusted friend. Tyrese says she basically left their daughter’s custody with her friend before she left the country. He thinks they planned it that way to keep Shayla safe while Norma was away.

In a surprising move, Tyrese wanted to take care of their daughter while her mom was abroad, wanting to make sure she was safe. But even with him, things aren’t easy. Their daughter needs a lot of attention and care, which was tough to manage after Norma left for various reasons.

Their situation dives into the tough parts of being parents and what their daughter needs emotionally, going beyond just what the law says.

This custody fight mixes up dedication to being a parent, legal fights, and all the complicated stuff that comes after a divorce. Their story’s a strong reminder of how tough it can be to balance personal rights, family responsibilities, and how decisions affect everyone involved.

Where Is Norma Gibson Now?

After her custody battle with the “Fast and Furious” star, Norma Gibson decided to step back from the spotlight. In 2017, her ex, Tyrese, started a new chapter by marrying Samantha Lee.

Their relationship hit a rough patch after they had their daughter, Soraya Lee Gibson, and eventually, they split up in December 2020.

Another familiar face steps into the picture—Jaleel White, you know, the guy from “Family Matters.” He’s been through his own tough custody battle with his ex, Bridget Hardy.

As time passed, their stories changed, leading them to share the responsibility of raising their daughter, Samaya White, as co-parents.

All these stories share a common theme—the complex mix of personal struggles, legal battles, and human connections. They show how one person’s choices and hardships can affect so many others. They’re a real-life look at the twists and turns of blended families, finding that balance, and navigating through all the ups and downs life throws your way.

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