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Know All About Victor Wembanyama Father Felix Wembanyama

Felix, a former track and field athlete, has made significant strides in high-jump and long-jump championships. Congolese athletes have achieved personal bests in the triple leap (15.56 meters), long jump (7.41 meters), and the 100-meter race (11 seconds).

On his Facebook profile, which boasts around 600 friends, Felix shares glimpses of his family life, particularly showcasing his three children’s accomplishments in basketball. A proud moment was captured when he photographed his youngest son, Oscar, with his basketball medal in 2022.

Adding to the family’s passion for basketball, Felix’s brother, Fabrice Wembanyama, is involved in coaching the sport at Gymnase La Varenne in Noisy-le-Grand.

Félix and Elodie Were Athletes

Félix and Elodie Were Athletes

In the suburb of Le Chesney in Paris, Felix Wembanyama and Elodie de Fautereau have raised their three children. Elodie, passionate about basketball, takes on the role of coaching youngsters in the sport.

Felix’s journey led him to France for studies, where he likely crossed paths with Elodie. Their enduring relationship spans nearly two decades, aligning with the age of their eldest child.

From this union, three remarkable and talented basketball players emerged. Throughout their upbringing, Felix and Elodie have been steadfast in encouraging their children to follow their passions.

In an interview with Marca, Wembanyama expressed that his parents always advocated for him to pursue professional basketball. Their support was unwavering, creating an environment that protected him without imposing undue pressure to be the best.

Where Victor Wembanyama’s Parents Live Where?

Nestled in the charming city of Versailles, France, Victor Wembanyama and his two basketball-playing siblings, along with their family, find their home. The Wembanyama family, under the guidance of French basketball coach Elodie de Fautereaue, is not only recognized for their skills on the court but also for embracing a vibrant life in the heart of France. Their frequent indulgence in dining out reflects their appreciation for the rich culinary tapestry the country has to offer.

As Victor embarks on his journey towards a future in the NBA and prepares for the transition to the United States, he carries not only his personal dreams but also the collective aspirations of a nation. The Wembanyama family, with their noteworthy athletic achievements, has already left an indelible mark, capturing attention and earning admiration. Victor’s pursuit of success in the NBA is more than an individual endeavor; it symbolizes a commitment to embodying pride and excellence for French basketball on the global stage.

Who is Victor Wembanyama?

Who is Victor Wembanyama?

Meet Victor Wembanyama, the 19-year-old sensation for the Metropolitans. The French league has every NBA general manager eyeing him for the top spot in the draft. Remarkably, Victor has been a professional athlete since the age of 16, gaining recognition as he recently showcased his talents in the NBA G-Ignite League against high lottery prospect Scoot Henderson.

Standing tall at 7 feet 4 inches, Victor’s proficiency in shooting and ball-handling has left fans and scouts in awe. His journey includes joining ASVEL at the age of 16, winning the Pro A title in his first season, and later becoming a key player for Metropolitans 92 in 2022. Notably, he has clinched the title of LNB Pro Best Young Player twice, All-Star Game MVP once, and earned a spot in the LNB All-Star team twice. Victor Wembanyama is undeniably making waves in the basketball world with his exceptional skills and achievements.

Basketball In The Blood

Basketball In The Blood

Meet Victor Wembanyama, a rising star looking to continue a family legacy deeply rooted in sports. His great-grandfather, who happened to be Elodie de Fautereau’s father, made a mark as a 6’7″ first-division French footballer in the 1960s. Now, Victor, a third-generation French basketball player, is driven to carry forward this rich family tradition in sports.

The Wembanyama talent extends beyond Victor. His older sister, Eve Wembanyama, stands at 6 feet and plays small forward for ASVEL Feminin in the French LDLC. Eve’s achievements include winning gold in the FIBA U16 Women’s European Championship, showcasing the family’s prowess in basketball. ASVEL has its eyes set on Oscar Wembanyama, Victor’s younger brother, who is already making waves in the world of French basketball.

Victor Wembanyama isn’t just a basketball player; he’s part of a historic basketball legacy, and the family’s dedication to the sport continues to shape the narrative of their athletic journey.

What did Victor Wembanyama’s Parents Do For A  living?

Elodie de Fautereau, the mother of Felix Wembanyama, not only holds a pivotal role as the matriarch of the Wembanyama family but also stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of basketball. At a height of 6 feet 2 inches, Elodie seamlessly transitioned from being a national basketball player to a coach, contributing significantly to the sport’s landscape. Her five years of dedicated service at the Academy culminated in a place on the Heritage honor board in 2019, a clear acknowledgment of her impactful contributions.

In her role as a mother, Elodie played a crucial part in inspiring her son Victor’s love for sports. While deeply connected to the world of basketball, she made a conscious choice not to take on the role of Victor’s trainer. This decision allowed Victor the freedom to carve out his individual path and cultivate a distinctive style in the game. Elodie’s dual identity as both a successful coach and a supportive mother highlights the values of family, mentorship, and fostering individual growth within the Wembanyama household.

Where are Victor Wembanyama’s Parents From?

Victor Wembanyama’s father, Felix, originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo and holds a distinctive position within the family as one of the few members who did not pursue a professional basketball career. Instead, Felix showcased his athletic prowess in track and field, particularly excelling as a jumper, demonstrating his skills in a different sporting discipline.

In contrast, Victor’s mother, Elodie de Fautereau, contributed significantly to the family’s basketball legacy as a professional player. As a passionate Frenchwoman immersed in the sport, Elodie played a crucial role in introducing her son, Victor, to the captivating world of basketball. Through this familial connection and the diverse athletic pursuits of its members, the Wembanyama family created a unique tapestry of talents and experiences.

Victor Wembanyama’s Siblings 

Victor Wembanyama's Siblings 

Victor Wembanyama has two siblings, his sister Ève and brother Oscar Wembanyama, both of whom have excelled in various sports:

Ève Wembanyama:

The eldest sister, Ève Yema Wembanya, was born on December 10, 2001, making her 21 years old in 2023. This Monaco small forward gained prominence as a French basketball player, joining the Monaco Basket Association in 2022 after achieving success with the French team. Notably, France secured gold at the 2017 FIBA U16 European Championships. Standing at six feet tall, Ève has left her mark on the basketball court.

Oscar Wembanyama:

Oscar, the youngest among the three siblings, was born on March 18, 2007, making him 16 years old in 2023, with a height of 6 feet 5 inches. Following in the footsteps of his athletic family, Oscar embarked on his sports journey. Starting his basketball career at Le Chesnay, he later joined the Yvelines. Known as one of the finest handball players in Ile-de-France within his age group, Oscar secured the French title with Nanterre’s Under-15 Nationals of the Greens in 2021. His prowess in basketball continued to grow, particularly after joining ASVEL’s Under-18 team. Oscar’s multifaceted sports talent reflects the Wembanyama family’s commitment to excellence.


NBA general managers have seen 19-year-old French basketball star Victor Wembanyama. At 7 feet 4 inches, he is a skilled shooter and ballhandler. Victor is from a sports-rich family.

Father Felix Wembanyama was a successful track and field athlete, and mother Elodie de Fautereau is a former national basketball player turned coach. Victor’s family dines out often in Versailles, France.

Victor’s great-grandfather was a French footballer, and his sister Eve Wembanyama plays for ASVEL Feminin. Their younger brother Oscar Wembanyama is also a promising sports star.

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